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Lunch At Biggies

Posted by ppna on May 8, 2008

While at the Crossroads Festival I noticed the location of ‘Biggie’s Fine Foods’ at 16 North Washington across from Club Devine. They weren’t open on Sunday but I kept them in mind and today I walked to Biggie’s to give them a try.

Biggie’s has a good mix of food. They have a complete line of Soul-Food along with ‘fast food’ staples like Hamburgers, Chili Dogs, and a variety of hot sandwiches. Today I was there to try their $1.00 hamburgers. The hamburgers were a lot like McDonalds burgers but it was much nicer eating a burger cooked in a friendly local environment.  Biggie’s has full sized burgers that I’d like to try too including the 1/2 pound Biggie Burger which I’m sure are different than McDonalds.  I certainly recommend picking up a burger or two before heading to one of the Downtown establishments for a cocktail.

I haven’t tried anything from the Soul-Food portion of the menu but I can’t wait to. When I visited there was a large group of folks eating buffet style and from the number of people that asked for to-go boxes I have the impression that the food was good.

My official review of Biggies for a quick pre/post bar meal is:  4.5 Watertowers

  • Food Good and fairly priced
  • Staff Incredibly Friendly
  • Atmosphere is what I like to see – Not too much money spent but clean

Hours are M-Th 11am – 9:30pm   Fri/Sat  11am – 10:30pm   Closed Sunday except Soulful Sunday

Call ahead for carry out orders 734-484-3434

I will review Biggies on their soulfood menu next time I go.


    One Response to “Lunch At Biggies”

    1. Sarah said

      We can’t eat there often because we are already fat enough as it is, but their cheesesteak is delicious beyond delicious.

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