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I didn’t steal from Brian Robb

Posted by ppna on May 2, 2008

Today I was doing my catch up on local blogs and stopped over at the east-cross blog maintained by Brian Robb and noticed my last two posts are very similar to his last two. I did not copy from his blog, I swear.

Thankfully he doesn’t have anything about the Bike-Ypsi events going on this weekend but he does have all the information on the Crossroads festival this weekend check out his post.

Brian even posted the poster for the Crossroads Event Here. Check it out the poster there is a lot to do on Sunday including a pub-crawl after the music.

Now that I’ve brought up the Crossroads Festival again I have to comment on things. This Sunday’s event seem fantastic, the bands are good and they got most of the merchants involved. This event is exactly what it should be but without a few random emails I would not have known about it and I try to keep up with local happenings.

I also found it disappointing that the Crossroads folks and the Bike-Ypsi folks aren’t co-ordinating their events. It would have been perfect if the Bike-Ypsi ride were scheduled to end on Washington Street and morph right into the Crossroads Festival (I think the timing is perfect). My guess is that neither group knew of the others activities. Just like we need all of the city and business groups working together we need meetings between the heads of all the citizen groups to pool resources and to match events.


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