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Granholm doesn’t like incubators

Posted by ppna on May 1, 2008

Crain’s Detroit Business website reported that Jennifer Granholm line item vetoed funding for 2 proposed business incubators including the one to be located in Ypsilanti.

The governor Tuesday signed a $144 million supplemental appropriations bill for various departments, but scratched by line-item veto two allotments of $500,000 for the Spark East incubator in Ypsilanti and a proposed Macomb County incubator for defense and homeland security.

Mike Finney, president and CEO of Ann Arbor Spark, also said the veto was not the end of the Spark East proposal. Spark has been working with Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw County to create a new incubator in economically strained Ypsilanti.

“We are still hopeful to get state funding for the project (elsewhere),” he said. “But at this point we are also focused on trying to raise private funds as well. It’s still important to get an incubator operating in the eastern county region.”

Read the full article here

In other Spark News the township may give $15,000 towards the project check out that article here


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