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Ypsilanti Kick Ball Challenge?

Posted by ppna on April 22, 2008

It seems to me that Kickball has come into fashion this year with people talking about teams and games all around me. With all the kickball excitement I think we should set a date and challenge the other neighborhood associations to a game or games. It could be the ‘Ypsilanti Kickball Challenge.’

Who wants to participate?

I also thought it would be fun to start a neighborhood ‘field day.’ When I was a kid at Adams elementary Field day was a highlight of the year. I don’t remember all of the games but I know there was the Shoe kick and the Three-leg race. I’m sure someone could fill us in on the rest of the activities.

Who wants to participate?


3 Responses to “Ypsilanti Kick Ball Challenge?”

  1. Eric A. said

    There was also a “wheelbarrow” race where somebody held somebody else by the ankles and the person in front “ran” on their hands. Another event was the 100 yard dash (not measured with any precision). There was also another longer race.

  2. Mark said

    I’d be up for a game or two.

  3. Brian said

    I haven’t played kickball since 7th grade, but it sounds like fun! ANyone want to try this with roller hockey also? We could use the tennis courts at Prospect park. I’ve played there before. The pavement is smooth, they have nice high fences and i’ve never seen anyone actually playing tennis on them.

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