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Aubree’s Saloon in Depot Town 3.2 water towers and dropping

Posted by ppna on April 16, 2008

Aubree’s Saloon in Depot Town has remained consistent since it changed from the Alibi in the 80s and I’ve been a semi-regular since the early 90s. The Pizza is exceptional, the subs, sandwiches and wings are very good and the rest of the food is generally good.

Aubrees Depot Town has enough TVs to keep track of your favorite sporting events but it isn’t an overwhelming ‘sports’ bar it’s a good place to hang out with friends if they can handle smoke. As with any bar in Depot Town the service is always suspect and the turnover seems to be quite high. The wait staff are always pleasant and seem to be encouraged to sit with customers which is nice if you are the one they are sitting with and really crappy if you need something and they are involved chit-chatting.

My rating of 3.2 water towers (out of 5, 3 is a good grade) for Aubrees is a 4 for food quality — compared against average bar food menu, 2 for service, 3.5 for atmosphere, 2 because of smoke but that is part of life so I’m not holding it against them too much.

The Reason Aubrees is dropping fast is management and customer service. I will give you a few examples of where they failed my expectations.

  • On Monday I saw this advertisement
    Trivia Tournaments every Tuesday @ Aubrees
    Four Rounds featuring Gift Cards for each round winner and overall points winner wins “Cold Hard Cash” Special Bonus for players who participate in all four rounds. First Round Starts @ 7:30pm. Space is limited so arrive early.
    One Friend showed up at 6:50pm on Tuesday and they told him the event was canceled because of lack of people. I was in a meeting at Cafe Luwak and was across the street at Aubrees at 6:55pm with 3 other neighbors only to find out the event was canceled. There was no apology for bringing us out under false pretenses or any regret shown. It is in very poor taste to cancel an event because of lack of attendance — The show must go on.
  • Last Friday I had a similar experience at Sticks. Tree Fort is advertised as the $4.25 beer of the month and they had run out but instead of substituting another we ended up paying $5.75 for a beer. The crappy thing about it for me was that I was at the Corner Brewery. I was able to be talked out of the Corner at happy hour because I knew I could get the same beer at same/better price at Aubrees. When we asked the waitress about the pints of Michigan Beer for $2.50 she told us there was no such special which we later found out there was. Our waitress was seldom seen so it was hard for us to communicate our concerns with her so we just gave in.
  • A couple of months ago was yet another situation where we were told at 6:30pm that NTN happy hour deal (free drink when you win at trivia) was running from 3-6 and it being 6:30pm my winning didn’t count. The very next day I arrived at 3 to play trivia and was told my winning didn’t count because NTN trivia happy hour runs from 4-7pm. In every case there was no apology or concern for the patron it was a ‘that’s the way it is mentality.’

These customer service problems are only associated with Aubrees Depot Town. Aubree’s Tavern on Whittaker Road has Bob Roberts in charge and that place is run very smoothly. With the same menu Aubree’s Tavern scores at least 4 water towers and is only lacking because the atmosphere is a little to generic.

I certainly recommend Aubrees which is why I continue to go just don’t believe their advertising. With that being said here is their list of things that may or may not be happening on a weekly basis.

The Price is Right!
Every Monday 8pm @ Aubree’s we will be playing America’s favorite Game show! Win Gift Certificates and Prizes with great drink specials

80’s Night
Every Wednesday join us for your favorite decade music game with live DJ and prizes along with great drink specials

Rockband Tournament!
Stick’s is hosting the hottest new video game competition where you can be the star of the show. Get your band together because your first gig is Thursday at 9pm

March Madness
Join us for All the Games with BIG SCREENS, BIG BEERS & BRACKETS for the entire Tournament.

Trivia Tournaments every Tuesday @ Aubrees
Four Rounds featuring Gift Cards for each round winner and overall points winner wins “Cold Hard Cash” Special Bonus for players who participate in all four rounds. First Round Starts @ 7:30pm. Space is limited so arrive early.

Tuesday Motorcycle Gathering
Tuesday is Motorcycle night at Aubrees. No, these are hells angels they are Triumph, KTM, BMW, Ducati types and there are some fantastic bikes to look at parked on the street in front. They seem like a very friendly bunch so if you have a bike you should stop by and join them.


One Response to “Aubree’s Saloon in Depot Town 3.2 water towers and dropping”

  1. Sparty said

    Aubrees may have the trivia tournament issues resolved. I’m one of the regular Tuesday night players. I asked the manager yesterday if the rumors of going to once a month were true. I was told that they were continuing on Tuesday nights, starting at 7pm (not 7:30 like their website says), without the usual minimum 10 player requirement. The value of the prizes (and cash) would be scaled back if there were fewer than 10 players. Although yesterday there were 16 people playing, so hopefully we won’t run into another cancellation anytime soon.

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