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Anyone interested in Presenting Ypsilanti History

Posted by ppna on April 10, 2008

I’m thinking about proposing a historical Ypsilanti Re-enactments at the 2008 Heritage Festival. I’ve long been frustrated that the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival has lacked Ypsilanti Heritage. I guess I should concentrate on getting the ball rolling and seeing where it goes.

We could re-enact the Horse-Trader and the Ladies of Negotiable Affection in depot town. Create the big East Side vs. West side conflict that divided the city. I’m sure there are hundreds of stories we could tell of events and influential people in the city and we could tell them on or around where they happened.

Let me know if you have any ideas.


3 Responses to “Anyone interested in Presenting Ypsilanti History”

  1. I could loan you a couple of Segways if you want to recreate the great Segway revolt of 2007. You could document how citizens opposed to higher taxes were first allowed to march in the Heritage Festival Parade and then kicked out when teh pro-tax people complained. Then then they showed up to march with another group the police chief ordered them off the route.

    For an encore you could recreate how YHF officials then tried to ban Segways from YHF and Riverside despite the fact that those same citizens had a booth at the festival.


    – Steve

  2. Schutzman said

    I think the short answer to your basic question is “no,” and the long version would be more than I think would be appropriate to write here.

    A middle-lengthed response, which would still be too long, would basically summarize what would be required to do something like this well, and whether those qualifications can be met in Ypsilanti, which based on my own efforts to get something nearly identical rolling in 2002 and 2005, I would have to say that it is very unlikely to meet with success, although “success” is obviously a relative term.

    As for the current state of the Heritage Festival, sure, I agree with you 110%.

  3. Cathy Bennett said

    The Ypsilanti Heritage Festival welcome new ideas. We hold our meetings at the Haab Medical Building on Huron St. Please come to one of our general meetings and share your ideas with us. Also, we welcome new volunteers that are willing to help us each year with the task of putting on the festival.
    Cathy Bennett
    Co-coordinator of the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

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