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Grocery Store On Michigan Ave

Posted by ppna on April 8, 2008

I know there has been a lot of talk about putting a grocery store Downtown so I thought I’d remind everyone about Arlens Quality Discount Foods at 206 E. Michigan. I’m going to have to rush right down and take advantage of the 22 cent Cream Pies.


4 Responses to “Grocery Store On Michigan Ave”

  1. Eric A. said

    I don’t know if you remember or not, but the name of the department store where the Flea Market eventually resided for years was called Arlans. I’m not sure if it was a chain or not. From what I remember, it was like a little K-Mart with a wide variety of items for sale. This was in the main portion of the Flea Market. I think that it was a Farmer Jack grocery store connected to the right in the front. Arlans closed probably around 1975-1977 and the Flea Market moved in shortly afterwards (I know for sure it was already a Flea market when I was I Middle School in 1977).

    Eric A.

  2. ppna said

    This ad is for the Arlens in the ex Flea Market Building.

  3. Robert Anschuetz said

    Where the main flea market stands was Grant’s department store, I believe. The adjacent grocery store was Arlans.

  4. Ed H. said

    This is very interesting. I was born in Ypsi(1969) and grew up there too. I remember this being a grocery store. I thought it was Wrigley’s but I was real young back then. My parent’s mentioned Grant’s Dept store being there too. I remember it being the Giant Flea market. By the 80s, it was a Sec of State office. Last I knew, in the 90s, it was a public employment office. I used to go there looking for pro jobs after college.

    I left Ypsi in the mid 90s. I do get back about once a year for that Heritage Fest. That is fun.

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