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Join My Team and help Capture the Trash

Posted by ppna on April 7, 2008

OK, this is another official call for people to join my team at the Capture the Trash day in Riverside and Frog Island parks. I WANT THE ‘Trashiest Team’ TROPHY to sit beside my TurkeyOff Trophy. All we have to do is win the majority of the prizes and I think we can do it.

“Most Unique Piece of Trash” — I plan on scouting the parks before Saturday, I wonder if I’d get disqualified if I dumped a statue made of toothpicks and used nails of Our Honorable Mayor Paul Schreiber in the woods on Friday night.

“Muddiest Team” — Since some of our team includes members from the MDWMWA (Metro Detroit Women’s Mud Wrestling Alliance) I’m certain we will win this.

“Most Bag of Trash” — This will take hustle and since Pete Rose is our official mascot I’m certain we will do it.

“Largest Piece of Trash” — This will again be part of our scouting report but I believe I know where there is an old railroad car that flew off the tracks and ended up in the river in 1839.

“Most Team Spirit” — We should have this locked up too. Most of the applicants to the team love trash and will be excited with each new piece.

No Problem Folks — Please Email me if you want to Join the Winning Team — Team Smoot Trash Detail.


2 Responses to “Join My Team and help Capture the Trash”

  1. bryce daniels said

    what do i have to do

  2. ppna said

    A little late Bryce but if you are looking to help stop by Prospect Park on the 14th to help with the Luna Lake Restoration Project. I looks like people will be there all day.

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