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Frog Island and Riverside Park Plans Summer 2008

Posted by ppna on April 7, 2008

This is information taken from the March 18, 2008 City Council Meeting Packet. As always I recommend you read the entire packet before passing any judgments because these are just my interpretation of the highlights.

The CDC has secured $15,000 from Fifth Third Bank, $20,000 from Washtenaw County, and $2,000 from the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.

Washtenaw Community College has agreed to construct a major project annually for the next 3 years. This Year they are planning to repair the dock, build a gazebo and construct a seasonal stage cover for the amphitheater in Frog Island.

I don’t understand why they are so hung up on Band-shells . The first thing they need to do is get someone who wants to use the amphitheater before they add to the amphitheater. The gazebo and stage cover will just be two more things that will need maintenance but thanks to WCC anyway and I’ll give credit to the DTCDC for getting them on board.

The Washtenaw Community Jazz Band has agreed to perform a 6 week jazz series for this summer.

The Ypsilanti Symphony and Ypsilanti Community Band have agreed to perform in the parks this summer, and hope to expand their series next year.

A spreadsheet of the DTCDC’s budget has been provided if you are interested in seeing how they are spending our money or how they plan to spend our money. The accounting seems to be in order but there are a few items I’m curious about.

March 2008 shows a charge of $2000.00 for “Ribfest Study,” $500.00 for Community Relations “Lunch Expense,” and $739.20 for a “Catch all.”

I am not sure who is eating these $500.00 lunches each month but I think you can do better. I also hope that the lunches are bought exclusively from privately owned businesses in DepotTown or Downtown. I’m also concerned about a $2,000 Ribfest study it seems they should have asked the community if we wanted Ribfest before they determined that they needed a study.

April 2008 has another planned lunch expense of $500.00 and a Director’s Salery of $1,000.00 on a total budget of $4,757.50 $2000 goes to maintenance.

May is when they plan on spending money. They budget for rent of $590.00, Auditing $7500, $4000.00 in office equipment, $2000.00 for maintenance and $500.00 lunch expense and a Director’s Salary of $5208.00

DTCDC people please chime in. Erik told me he was not receiving any compensation but $6208.00 seems like a lot to me. Is this make up compensation? or an up-front yearly compensation or a monthly compensation.

Then they have the maintenance Plan
Grass Cutting 12 times (2 per month for 6 months at $700.00 for both parks).

Snow Removal — We intend to maintain the current level of service provided by the city. We understand this policy to only address significant snowfall of at least 6 inches and only when resources are available.

I suggested a volunteer snow removal group to at least take care of the stairs entering the parks but that idea was not treated well.

Utilities amont to $2600 a year.

The CDC would like to increase maintenance to include Weeding, Planting, Mulching, Edging, Pruning, Building/Parking lot improvements and Snow Removal.

Then there is a list of all of the people on all of the Committees.


So go ahead and check out the DTCDCs report on the Parks for all of the information.

I hope the DTCDC does the right thing with the parks. I would personally like to see them hold community open-house events to discuss the direction of the parks but they seem unwilling to do this. I will give them credit because they seem to have done a good job getting the music series going and getting WCC to complete some projects.


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