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Events for 2008 in Depot Town and the Parks

Posted by ppna on April 7, 2008

I’ve corrected some dates and added more events as of 4-10-2008

Here is a summary of the Events that are going to take place this summer in Depot Town and in The Parks. I’m not 100% sure that the dates are correct but I think most of them are or are close.

April Through June I9 Sports, is having Flag Football at Frog Island I think I9 is a For Profit company which will be using Frog Island. In the DTCDC report they suggest that they are going to ask I9 to help with maintenance I would hope they force them to pay rent or provide maintenance. If you have details please post a comment.

April 20th “Fuzzy Football” I don’t know what this is but it sure sounds fun
May 4th — Street Rod Show
May 24th — Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra
May 26th — Memorial Day Processional
May 31st — Sober Fest Shouldn’t this be after the Summer Beer Fest?
June 1st — Orphan Car Show
June 5th – September 18th — Thursday Cruise Nights
June 7th and 8th — Volkswagen Festival
June 19-22 — Tucker Convention
June 21 and 22 — Ypsilanti Relay for Life
June 25th — WCC Jazz Band
June 26th — Ypsilanti Community Band
July 2nd — WCC Jazz Band
July 4 – Ypsilanti 4th of July Parade
July 5-6 — Camaro Fest
July 9th — WCC Jazz Band
July 11, 12th — Elvis Fest
July 16th — WCC Jazz Band
July 23rd — WCC Jazz Band
July 25th, 26th — Michigan Brewers Festival
August 6-8th — Triumph Car Show
August 15-16-17 — Heritage Festival
August 23rd — Fire Truck Muster
September 11th — Model T 100th Anniversary Tour
October 4th — Antique Truck Show
October 24th – Downtown Halloween Fall Festival

June 5th through September 18th Every Thursday Night are the Depot Town Cruise Nights.

June 6-September 12 Ypsilanti Crossroads Music Festival Every Friday starting at 7pm on the corner of Washington St and west Michigan Ave.

June 3 till September 30th — Tuesday Night Motorcycle Mania outside Aubree’s Saloon on Cross Street.

June 4th – July 9th — Frog Island Music Series Every Wednesday at 7pm WCC Jazz Band, Ypsilanti Community Band & Symphony and more.


3 Responses to “Events for 2008 in Depot Town and the Parks”

  1. Eric A. said

    Are you sure about the Heritage Festival dates? August 17-19 is Sunday-Tuesday.


  2. ppna said

    I checked and changed the Heritage Festival dates. The dates I had came from the DTCDC’s report and I didn’t fact check them all– As I stated at the top of the posting.

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