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PPNA Spring 2008 General Meeting

Posted by ppna on April 3, 2008

Hello Neighbors,

If you didn’t make the PPNA meeting last night we had a good turnout and we wish you could have been there. The meeting started off with an answer session by our police liaison officer Zachary Allen. He commented about the low crime rate in our neighborhood and what the city was doing in other parts of town. He mentioned that the police had been concentrating on running the prostitutes out of downtown and away from riverside and frog island parks and said they had been successful. Officer Allen also stated that the city was now concentrating on the panhandlers downtown. He gave recommendations to make sure you lock your cars and garages and not to leave anything in view of a potential thief. He also reminded us of the Ypsilanti curfew law which blocks people 17 and under from being on the streets from 11pm till 5:30am. In the question portion of his talk the problems of noise and speeding were brought up once again as they are in every meeting. He said that in both cases you can call in the cars information (description of car and driver, license plate number, offense, and direction) and they would try to head it off. If you have any minor concerns call the POLICE NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER 483-9510.

Steve Pierce and Brian Robb were at the meeting to discuss Wireless Ypsi and how we can help support the project by buying our own Meraki receivers and joining the network.  The receivers are $50.00 (indoor) or $100.00 (outdoor greater range) and with them you can share your broadband connection (unless you use Comcast which doesn’t allow it).  Even if you don’t have a personal internet connection to share  you can still help the network by installing a receiver which will work as a repeater for an existing signal if there is one to repeat.  I was happy to see that there was a lot of interest in what they were saying.  As of now the closet transmitter is at the Corner Brewery.

The meeting ended with an election of a new PPNA President.  It was a tough battle but I put my hat into the ring anyway and through popular support I have become your new PPNA President and I really hope to turn the PPNA into a more active organization.

We also discussed our summer block party which is going to be June 29th and I hope to help make this a bigger and better event.   If you have ideas for the party let me know, if you have ideas about games let me know (I was thinking some carnival things but anything, If you are an entertainer or know someone who will perform for free let me know.

I think that sums up the meeting for the most part.   If you are interested in getting more involved with the PPNA or have any ideas of things you’d like to see happen please contact me.




One Response to “PPNA Spring 2008 General Meeting”

  1. Alan said

    Congrats on the presidency. I’m sure you’ll do a great job.

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