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My First 100 Days

Posted by ppna on April 3, 2008

I want to once again thank all of those that helped me in my campaign but I realize now is not the time to party now is the time for action.

The first order of business is to get the official PPNA website up and running. The PPNA website will include but will not be limited to

  • General Meeting Information and Minutes
  • Information on our neighborhood
  • Real-Estate Listings
  • PPNA Yellow Pages where anyone in the PPNA will be able to post what they offer. Neighborhood kids can post in the lawn-cutting, shoveling section, contractors, writers, lawyers, IT experts, can post. Even if it’s not your occupation but you can help out we would like you to post.
  • A form for volunteers needed, If a neighbor is going out of town for a week or for some other reason can’t shovel, rake, or mow this form will allow us to help them find a neighbor that will help out. Maybe you need help moving a refrigerator or Pool Table, we need to get neighbors involved in helping each other.
  • A form for volunteers available to help
  • Information on our parade ideas

The 2nd order of business will be to help Steve and Brian bring Wireless Ypsi to our neighborhood. Wireless Ypsi might not seem like a good idea to you but it is a marketing tool. If we were the first neighborhood to blanket ourselves in a wireless signal it would set us apart, not just in Ypsi but in the entire state. The cost of this is $50.00 per every 5 or 6 houses.

To accomplish a Wireless PPNA we need

  • People to share their bandwidth — Most people have more than they need and would never notice it to achieve this we need DSL subscribers not Comcast customers.
  • Donations to buy the receiver/transmitter/repeaters — We need to place these every third or fourth house (every house doesn’t need a broadband connection.
  • A Fundraiser — I’m thinking something at the Corner Brewery or Frenchies and perhaps during the community yard-sale day having another site set up where we will accept donations from people that have things to sell and have a big benefit yard-sale or if people have Books/CDs/DVDs/LPs/Video Games to donate we could set up a PPNA Amazon.com account where we could sell things through that and the money would go directly into the PPNA bank account

Thankfully, last night we were able to establish a new PPNA cabinet position and fill that position. We now have the office of ‘Technical Affairs for the PPNA’ and we have 2 well qualified volunteers running it.

The Third order of business is planning the PPNA BBQ on June 29th. This needs to be a big ordeal that draws our neighbors down to the corner of Gordon and Hemphill. If you have suggestions please comment.

Other things that need to be worked on —

  • The PPNA has Membership Dues of $10.00 per household, it would be nice if we could get each household to contribute, this will give us the ability to do things like making a Wireless PPNA, run our webpage, get things for the picnic, buy the church on Riverstreet for a community center, etc.
  • A Parade group — Anyone that wants to be any parades let me know.
  • Groups to volunteer at city things like Capture the Trash and Ypsilanti Pride Day

I think those goals are ambitious but they can be accomplished.  I don’t want to hear how great Normal Park is anymore.



One Response to “My First 100 Days”

  1. Mark said

    What you’re doing here is really great. Good work.

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