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Yard Waste Pick Up to Begin March 31st

Posted by ppna on March 30, 2008

 Before you put it out remember you can Compost,

The city of Ypsilanti
will begin yard waste pick up on your regular trash day starting March 31st.  There will be no loose leaf pick-up until the fall so those of you that missed last falls pick up will have to bag those piles left by the curb.  Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, garden material and bundled or contained branches that are two (2) inches or smaller in diameter and cut in four (4) foot lengths or smaller.

Yard waste should be free of rubbish, dirt, sod and recyclables

Branches two (2) inches in diameter or smaller and under 4ft in length will be picked up if contained  or bundled with twine and placed next to yard waste containers.  You should pick up a yard waste sticker for your trash container from the recycle center, city hall or from the DPW yard

A friendly reminder – For the sake of your back and the back of our employees please follow OSHA’S guidelines and keep the bags 50 pounds or under. Back injuries are not only a pain they also cost $$$.


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