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Lunch in Ypsilanti #4 — Nathan’s Family Soul Food

Posted by ppna on March 30, 2008

You’d expect in a town like Ypsilanti the Soul-Food would be great and it is.

Nathan’s is located next to Value World at 1396 E. Michigan Ave. at Harris, I believe the site was formerly the $99.00 casket store. Don’t let the appearance fool you although the store looks like it might be abandoned the kitchen produces great food. There are a couple of tables in the front to sit at but they are used more for ToGo order pick-ups. It’s not a place to take a date its a place to take food away from and eat.

Today I bought the Sunday Special — BBQ Ribs, Cornbread Dressing, Greens, Yams and Cornbread for $11.50 — On my first sitting I only finished about 1/3rd of my order. The rib sauce is a bit plain but Nathan’s doesn’t rely on the sauce they take pride in the smoking and a nice consistent smoky flavor is what you get. The Greens, as always, were fantastic and spicy and then there were the Yams. The Yams came in a small portion but they tasted like sweet apple pie filling and were a perfect desert. The Cornbread dressing was the consistency of mashed potatoes and was topped with gravy and very good. The only thing I didn’t like was the cornbread itself it was dry and not very flavorful. I would guess the dry cornbread is due to a lack of business more than a bad recipe. They can’t keep making new cornbread so previous bakings sit a little too long.

Nathans has a complete line-up of Soul Food including Pork-Chop $5.95 , Catfish $5.25, Whitting $4.25, and BBQ $6.25 Sandwiches — If I remember correctly the BBQ sandwich isn’t pulled pork it is actually ribs on a bun which is impossible to eat but very good. They also have complete dinners including Pig Feet and as expected thier wings and wing-dings are said to be fabulous. What I find best of all are their sides. I haven’t had the opportunity to experience them all but if you go you must get a side of Mac & Cheese and Black Eyed Peas.

Nathan’s Hours are

Mon,Tues, Wed Noon -8pm

Thurs, Fri, Sat Noon-9pm

Sunday 1-6pm

Please do me a favor and visit Nathans so they can stay in business and I can continue to enjoy their food. Nathan’s will also cater so think about them for your next big event.


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