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A Nice Post

Posted by ppna on March 28, 2008

If you don’t know Eric and Karen Maurer you should know who they are. The Maurers are two of Ypsilanti’s highest volume landlords they own 70 buildings which include over 100 rental properties through their company Maurer Management and Properties. Don’t worry these aren’t the landlords your parents used to have when they went to EMU. The Maurers are the new breed of landlords that care about their properties and have helped changed Victorian era slum rentals into homes the tenants and the city can once again be proud to claim. The Maurers are also investing in Michigan Ave where they own several building including the recent purchase of the Old Mack and Mack building.

Concentrate Media presented a very nice article on the Maurers which you might be interested in. The article promotes Ypsilanti pretty well and makes a good case for investing in the city.

If you are looking for an apartment I would suggest checking out the Maurer Properties there are some nice, new lofts going pretty cheap downtown.


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