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Lunch in Ypsilanti #2 — Klucks

Posted by ppna on March 25, 2008


For the first time in my life I visited Klucks Drive-Inn in Ypsilanti.  I’m not a fan of Drive-Inns and was happy to see they have a self-serve area for people like me.  The menu includes pretty typical Drive-Inn fair, Coney’s, Hamburgers, Wing Dings, Shakes, Floats, and various fried items.   Today I chose a Cheeseburger and a Coney.

The Coney was $1.35 and was pretty small but in the case of Klucks this worked to it’s advantage.   The bun was able to hold both the dog and the sauce which made it convenient  to eat in the car.   I thought the Coney Sauce was really good.  The Coney seemed to have more relish than onions but neither was overwhelming, it was a good balanced coney dog.   According to my tastes I would rate Klucks the number one coney in the city.  There are extreme differences in the tastes between a Klucks Coney and a coney from Bill’s Hotdog Stand so opinions will vary widely.  I have found both Klucks and Bill’s to be very distinct from the regular Coney Island taste found at Abes and even the Chick-Inn so if you like Coney Dogs visit them both and decide for yourself.

My Cheeseburger was also distinctive well almost distinctive.  I say almost because the cheeseburger tasted very similar to a Roy’s Big Squeeze.  In both burgers there is a strong black pepper taste topped with your usual toppings and Thousand Island dressing.  I grew up on Roy’s burgers and was surprised to find a similar taste.

I enjoyed my meal from Klucks and was very happy that they have a taste all their own.  Take my advice and pass up the McDonald’s and the Burger King and go to Klucks.  The service was fast and friendly and I plan on trying some of their other menu items in the future.


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