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Lunch in Ypsilanti #1 — Haabs

Posted by ppna on March 25, 2008

I’ve been making it a point as of late to shop Ypsilanti businesses and these include the local restaurants and eateries. I tried going to the Wolverine the other day but was disappointed to find out they close early (hopefully the new blueprint will convince them to stay open long hours). I remember going there as a kid and getting Ice-cream sundaes after visiting the downtown bakery and meat market but I don’t have a current update on the Wolverine but here are my thoughts on the other local Ypsilanti eateries.

I invite you to comment with reviews of menu items or other restaurants to visit.

Haab’s –– I never visited Haab’s as a child, it always seemed to be an ‘old person’ place but I’ve started visiting a bit lately (and it still seems like an ‘old person’ place). It is a comfortable family dining room like atmosphere where everyone is very friendly and the food is good. I’ve never had their steak but they claim notoriety for being a premier steakhouse.  I did see some steaks prepared in their open cook area I can tell you the cuts do look excellent. The hamburger I had was a bit overcooked (You just can’t get rare anymore) but it was a classic hamburger with an onion slice equal in size and weight, it seemed, to the meat.

Haab’s has another thing going for it and that is their happy hour which they spread into two hours each day Monday through Friday 5-7pm. The Haab’s happy hour is titled “Almost 2 Good 2 Be $2” and it is true for 2 hours almost everything is 2 dollars.  Please note you must be in the bar area to take advantage of the Happy Hour specials.

Draft Beer — Last time I was in they had switched to all Arbor Brewing Company Beers which disappointed me. I’m very happy Matt and Renee are getting their beers out there but they seemed to have taken over the town which is limiting my drinking varieties. Haab’s also has a fake Guiness Draft which involves a can of beer poured into a glass and then put on a machine to create a head so it looks like draft.  Don’t fall for this evil ‘draft’ trick but getting a can of Guiness for 2 bucks isn’t all that bad.

Bottled Beer, Mixed Drinks, Martinis and Manhattans are also two bucks. I’m a fan of Manhattans and the Haabs happy hour Manhattan is amazing. I think the normal procedure is 2 shots of Jim Beam with some Vermouth although last time I was in they used a well whiskey. Warning these Manhattans and I suppose any other $2.00 mixed drink aren’t for the faint of heart they are strong.

The two dollar food items are great too they include;

  •  A basket of onion rings — I haven’t had
  • A basket of Fried Mushrooms — Now these are different than what you are thinking.  At Haabs the basket includes 4 jumbo mushrooms that are deep fried with a very fluffy breading.  Eating this basket by yourself is a very large accomplishment
  • Basket of Cajun Fries — I haven’t had
  • BBQ Meatballs — This includes a plate of small meatballs in BBQ sauce which are really good by themselves but since it is Haabs you can also ask for a small loaf of bread and make your $2.00 meatballs into an excellent dinner.
  • Shrimp Cocktail Combo — It’s only 4 shrimp 2-fried 2-regular but they are large and excellent
  • Deep-Fried pickle spears — I haven’t had these at Haabs yet (Sidetrack has good fried pickles) but deep-fried pickles are really good.

Don’t forget Haab’s also has the roll back pricing day in October to celebrate their anniversary this year they will be celebrating their 74th.  I’ve never attended this event because their prices are so reasonable anyway that waiting in line for an hour or more isn’t worth it me for the $10 bucks I might save and I think the crowd might spoil the relaxed eating experience that makes Haab’s what it is.

I will also suggest that you give them your email address to receive monthly notifications about specials and things happening at Haab’s.


2 Responses to “Lunch in Ypsilanti #1 — Haabs”

  1. Sarah said

    We randomly chose this place to have Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago when we didn’t want to travel with a newborn and were thus alone in town. Like you, I’d always passed it up because it seemed very old-personish.

    The food was excellent, the service was friendly and good, those little loaves of bread were great and they served a butternut squash soup that I still think about to this day from time to time.

    I thought the lunch menu looked pretty good but, for some reason, have never been back. It is unfortunate that what it seems to be lacking is the “interesting factor” of it’s neighbors–Dalat, Nathan’s, Biggie’s, Hana, etc.

    Thanks for this review!

  2. maryd said

    Their fresh fish is the best. I eat salmon every time I go and have always been pleased. Beer is served in a chilled glass and their gazpacho is the best.

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