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Posted by ppna on March 13, 2008

I received an email about ‘Foundry Hall’ in South Haven which I haven’t been to but I believe is what the Ypsilanti Freighthouse should become, to a smaller extent. I think every project that the being developed in our city be it the Parks, the Freighthouse, the RiverSide Arts center and anything else needs to have a comprehensive plan for use like Foundry Hall.

Welcome to Foundry Hall, South Haven’s home for original performance, music, and art. With the help of the local community, our century old building in the heart of downtown was extensively renovated in 2000-2001 from a former piston factory into a music hall and theatre. Besides hosting live, all-ages performances most Friday and Saturday nights, the Foundry is regularly used for private parties and banquets, workshops, classes, meetings, and community events. Our experienced teachers provide personal instruction on a wide range of musical instruments, and we house a limited number of private studios for individuals and small businesses needing an office away from home. At the Foundry Hall, we believe interaction through the arts and shared experiences is the key to a happy, healthy, and vibrant town.

The other thing I noticed about the use of Foundry Hall was that they have reached an agreement with their local hotel to provide accommodations for some of the better known artists. I suggested getting cooperation from Eagle-Crest or the B&Bs to help bring in better known groups to the Ypsillanti Crossroads Festival but I don’t know if any action was taken. The one thing I know about touring bands is that a nice bed and dinner (other than Pizza and fast food) really makes them happy and without that expense you might get them for less cash.

Besides providing accommodations for Charlie Louvin and his band, Old Harbor Inn in downtown South Haven is sponsoring this show by providing hotel accommodations to out of town travelers. Folks who book their rooms in advance at Old Harbor Inn will receive free tickets to the show courtesy of the hotel (two tickets per one-bed room; four tickets per two-bedroom suite). Reserve your room today at #800.433.9210 or http://www.oldharborinn.com.

A couple side notes —

There are 119 Comments trying to help raise another $15,000 for the Freighthouse if you haven’t supplied one please do here. I’ve looked around the site and haven’t found any postings with over 10 comments.

March 15th is the last day to submit a band to play at the Ypsilanti Crossroads Festival.


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