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Wireless Ypsilanti

Posted by ppna on March 11, 2008

Making Ypsilanti a Wireless city is an important step to separate ourselves from our neighboring cities. It provides the convenience of wireless access on the streets of our city but it does more. A city wide wireless network allows us to share something we already have with our neighbors who can’t afford it and may need desperately (students of all ages, the unemployed neighbor trying to find a job, the new business that needs a couple of months to get on their feet, etc.) A wireless city also sends a message that this is a developing community moving forward which is far different from the image a lot of out-of-towners have of the city. A wireless city Will encourage people to move here and in this housing market we need to distinguish ourselves as much as we can.

Steve and Brian are really getting this Wireless Ypsilanti thing going. On Monday Steve and Brian were on the WDET Show ‘Detroit Today.’ Since all WDET Shows are recorded and available to stream you can hear it if you click here look up the show ‘Detroit Today’ March 10th, 2008 and then jump to 1:13 on the timeline.

I was told by Brian that Wireless Ypsilanti has been providing the radios with Wireless Ypsilanti money in exchange for the businesses to share bandwidth (some business donate back the cost $50). I think it is now time for the community to take away the financing from Steve and Brian and start supplying funding. You can do your part by donating money or by purchasing your own Meraki Receiver and plugging it into your router – the radios are only $49.00. If you already have broadband please purchase a radio and share with your community. Of course if you need another reason to get rid of Comcast your Comcast user agreement doesn’t allow you to share but some of the DSL suppliers do.

Visit WirelessYpsi and view their Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information.


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