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It all Happens in April Event #1

Posted by ppna on March 11, 2008

Here is your chance folks, ‘Team Smoot’ is hosting open recruitments for the first time ever and it will be at this event. Shoot me an email and let me know you are volunteering and you will be a member of ‘Team Smoot’ for that day and depending on your work ethic you might be voted in for good. Look below at the prize categories I think we should take them all. Email me if you want to join our Team and win all of the prizes.

The Following taken from http://capturethetrash.weebly.com/

Capture the Trash

On April 12, 2008 join us to take part and clean up Riverside and Frog Island Park!

The Ypsilanti communities have joined forces in order to clean-up Riverside and Frog Island Parks!

We challenge you to come out for the day and compete against other community groups to see who can collect the most trash, who can get the dirtiest, and more importantly who can take home the title of “the trashiest group!”

The event will go on from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the starting point will be in Riverside Park near the circle drive. If you have any questions about the actual event you can contact us at ypsieagles@gmail.com

Stay tuned to the webpage for updates and teams!


Most unique piece of trash-This award will be based on who can find the most unique piece of trash the day of, whether it be a muffler, window, screwdriver or anything you can or can not imagine!

Muddiest team– Considering this is based around a river we know that some of you are going to be willing to get down and dirty in order to pick-up our city so we are awarding you for going the distance.

Most bags of trash– This award is based on who is the fastest and most efficient team, natural items (limbs, leaves, etc.) do not count! Only man made counts here and we are looking to see who can fill the most bags!

Largest piece of trash– The team that can find the largest piece of trash whether it be part of a car or a mattress will be awarded!

Most team spirit– We want to see you excited about this and work together so the team with the most spirit and excitment the day of will take home a prize!

Trashiest group– The big award, the trophy and victor to the following year will hold the title! This will be a combination of the above awards. Who ever collects the most, willing to go the distance for a GREEN community will be up and challenged to come back the next year to defend their title!


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