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Interactive Ypsilanti Map by A. Ruger

Posted by ppna on March 4, 2008

If you don’t know, the Library of Congress has the Ruger map of Ypsilanti Posted in super High Resolution so you can zoom in and move around.

Houses in Ypsilanti were moved around a lot. It must have been quite a task but obviously not as much as building a new one. The information of the moves I pointed out was passed down through some Ypsilanti old-timers to my Mother 30+ years ago and then she pointed out that information to me.



One Response to “Interactive Ypsilanti Map by A. Ruger”

  1. Schutzman said

    The unfortunate part of the LOC’s panoramic map collection is that they sunk their time and energy into the “Lizardtech” company (which no longer exists), and its “MrSid” format, so while the images are nice to zoom around and glance at, they’re tedious to work with in regards to saving and printing. Since the maps are in the public domain, though, nearly all of them are being reprinted and sold on ebay for relatively reasonable prices ($20 or less). Years ago my wife got a similar copy of Ruger’s map of Akron, Ohio, where we were living at the time (and, coincidentally, that’s also where he died – probably not long after finishing that final project).

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