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Kurt’s Week in Review

Posted by ppna on February 24, 2008

I’ve decided to post reviews of the places I go and the things I do so you can determine if perhaps they are places you’d like to visit. I would also think the reviews will be helpful to remind us of things we should try to bring to Ypsilanti because I find myself in the Metro-Detroit area more than I would like.

My ending up in metro-Detroit more than Ypsilanti seems to be a two part issue.
1. I haven’t found a great, easy resource of all the events going on in Ypsilanti so I don’t know of ways to spend my time here. If you know of anyone that is keeping a good Ypsilanti Events Blog let me know or if you have an event that I should post let me know.
2. Some of the things to do outside the City of Ypsilanti are fantastic and must bee seen. Perhaps some of these things I go to will be promoted as possible solutions for Downtown at the Tuesday meeting.

This past week was a pretty busy week for me here in the Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor / metroit-metro area.

Wednesday —

A couple of friends and myself attended a Detroit Synergy sponsored  ‘Supper Club Event’ at Enoteca Campo Marzio, 660 Woodward Ave which is a new wine and cheese bar located directly off of Campus Martius in Detroit. I was incredibly impressed with Enoteca. The cheese and wine selection are fabulous and the prices aren’t bad at all, it’s a wine and cheese place for the common man. As long as you don’t go overboard on the wine (~$30 and up a bottle, flights ~$10) you’ll leave full and having spent less than $50.00 for two.

Or course, sticking to our roots, we had to first visit the Greenwich Time Pub which is located one block East of Enoteca. It’s a great Detroit bar which hasn’t been updated since the early 60s. Their trademark is the clocks behind the bar that are set for the times of big cities around the world. Keeping with the style of the bar only one of the 6 clocks works but nobody cares. I have read, not tried yet, that they have one of the best burgers in the city of Detroit. They also have Miller High Life on Draft using the last remaining compressor powered tap in the city. No pesky CO2 tanks for them to deal with. There are two rotating bartenders a lady who’s brother Kurt died tragically at a young age and a young guy Mike. Both bartenders are classic examples of bartenders – trained to talk with the patrons as much as serve them drinks.

Both places were fantastic for completely different reasons. Of course if your down there it’s hard not to stop in Arcade Bar-Bar and Lafayette Coney Island (Don’t bother with American Coney it’s not even close to the same).

Wait — We aren’t done with Wednesday yet, From the wine and Cheese tasting we headed to Berkley and the Berkley Front. DJ Dell Villareal and Asian Elvis (that’s his name – I wouldn’t make this stuff up) were promoting a show featuring Wayne ‘the train’ Hancock. Cover for the show was $10.00 and the PBR’s were $2.00 so it was a lot of value for the buck. The Berkley front is a great Beer Lovers Bar, tons of good and interesting beer on tap and even more interesting combinations (like the OB1 — Combo of Guiness and Oberon) but the room for music is upstairs, small, dark, and very smoky but the show was fantastic. Wayne Hancock played for 3 hours straight, that’s an awful lot of 2-3minute songs.


Thursday was the introduction of Tree Fort Beer at the Corner Brewery. As always beer introductions are a great time and you get to see a lot of the mug-club friends (releases are free for mug-club members $15.00 for others). I didn’t care for the Tree Fort Beer but I think it is a good product. It is a less alcohol beer which is something the Corner has needed since the demise of Helles. Get down there and try it yourself.

Thursday was also ‘Beer With Bloggers’ night at Frenchies. I didn’t make it to the event so I can’t post anything about it.

My competitive urges forced me to ‘Tough Trivia Thursday’s’ at Theos. I know, I keep telling you but this is a great night out Alan Black of WAAM radio created and hosts the trivia night (7-9pm on Thursdays). I think there were 10 teams this past week which makes the night a lot more fun. My team, The Bearded Rainbows, finished in first place once again. This coming Thursday is your last chance to qualify for the Grand-Prize week (should be good prizes) coming up in 2 weeks so get there this next Thursday.

Not much to report for Friday. I did go to the GK (Ghetto Kroger — The one on Michigan Ave. by Value World) to try to pick up produce but everything seemed rotten and was very expensive. GK doesn’t refer to the neighborhood it refers to the store itself. I swear Kroger stocks this store with produce they pull off the shelves at other stores because they can’t sell it to people where there is competition for a grocery. The one saving grace of GK is that printed on the back of your receipt are $8.00 off coupons to Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant at 2851 E. Michigan Ave.


Saturday morning started off with a trip to Detroit’s Eastern Market. I love the Eastern Market in the winter because there are no crowds. There are fewer vendors in the Winter but you can get everything you need anyway. The past few times it’s been Asparagus and Citrus which have been really cheap.

I then stopped at Mike’s Famous Ham — On Michigan ave in Corktown for a Ham Sandwich. There are 4 menu items at Mike’s — Ham and Egg Omelet, Ham and Egg Sandwich, Ham Sandwich or whole ham. I opted for the $6.00 ham sandwich which was at least 2 pounds in weight.

Saturday Night I met up with the Metro-Detroit Craft Beer Meet-up group at the DragonMead Brewery in Warren (696 and 11mile 20seconds off the highway). DragonMead is a fabulous place. They have probably 50 beers available and a ton of styles.  They have a choose your own sampler with 5 6oz samples for $10.50. It doesn’t have the room or the charm of the Corner Brewery but it can’t be beat when it comes to beer.  I will suggest joining this meet-up because everyone in the group seemed great.

I then went on to the Palace of Auburn hills to see the Blue Man Group.   I didn’t get the show at all.  The cheapest tickets were $50.00 each (Unless you won them at Tough Trivia Thursdays at Theos) and I certainly didn’t get $50.00 worth of a show.   Half of the crowd seemed to enjoy it and the other half seemed to have been dragged in waiting for it to be over with.   I ended up leaving the show early and I don’t recommend the show.

That leaves tonight when I start off another week with a get together at the Corner.



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