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Graffiti and the City Part 2

Posted by ppna on February 22, 2008

Here is a brief update on the graffiti issue that I had written about previously

This is taken from the City Council Packet 2-19-08 which includes the minutes of the Feb 5th City Council meeting.

Mayor Schreiber read the rules for audience participation.
1. Hedger Breed, 117 Pearl Street, urged City Council to hold back the law to
allow the graffiti on his building to remain. He said he understands there is a
law against graffiti to stop the tagging of criminal gangs, however he is fond of
the graffiti and feels it promotes art in the city. He added that he sought help
from City staff but found them to be arrogant.

Mayor Schreiber addressed Mr. Breed’s concern and stated that graffiti was a
growing problem in the past and City Council took action by creating an ordinance
declaring it a public nuisance. He explained to Mr. Breed that his options are to go
to court or petition the Council for an ordinance change. Regarding Mr. Breed’s
comment that City staff was arrogant, the Mayor apologized and said he hopes that
the staff and Council Members are not trying to be arrogant.


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