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Taking the Law into our own hands

Posted by ppna on February 11, 2008

This one falls into the ‘why didn’t I know about this sooner’ category. I was reviewing the Ypsilanti Police Departments web page and found out there is a Citizen’s Police Academy. The Academy looks pretty cool. It is a 10 week 30 hour course that teaches you a lot about policing. You get to use fire-arms and you get a police ride-along that you get to go home from.

Sadly, The course started in January so I missed it. This was the 12th annual Citizen’s Police Academy so I’m hopeful there will be a 13th although this is the type of thing that budget cuts will most certainly kill.

After you graduate you are also eligible to join the Ypsilanti Police Volunteer Service Corps (VSC). Let’s get out there and patrol people.

I also found out that you can receive a free gun lock just by showing up and asking for one.

FYI the Police Non-emergency Number is 734 483-9510


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