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City Attorney Clears way for Satanfest

Posted by ppna on February 11, 2008

Don’t worry nobody has applied to hold Satan Fest at any of our parks. I came across a letter from the Assistant City Attorney Karl Barr in the 2-5-08 city council packet and I thought it was entertaining. The letter was in response to a question posed about having ‘Content’ based restrictions put into the revised ordinance on events. Karl Barr suggested that content based restrictions not be put into the ordinance because they could bring up constitutional challenges thus clearing the way for Satan Fest.


3 Responses to “City Attorney Clears way for Satanfest”

  1. BrianR said

    For what it’s worth, during the first reading of the events ordinance in January, I asked what the checks and balances were in the system. For example, if someone wanted to hold an event or parade that was not viewed as “acceptable” to the community at large, it’s possible that the City could make it practically impossible to be held in Ypsilanti by requiring so many police or DPW or whatever that it would not be cost-effective. I worried this would be a way to circumvent First Amendment rights.

    I used two different hypothetical events as part of my questions. With all due respect to Karl Barr, Satanfest is all one word.

  2. satan said

    I am controlling this minion…I would like a festival in a nice family frendly “park like” setting…who wouldnt? Fire and brimstone and eternal damnnation aside, I just wanna play kickball with the other demons and their spawn. MaYbe go out canoeing and catch a mess-o-fish. Whats so evil about that? COME ON… IM SATAN…I’m sure we can make some sort of arrangement…cant we???

    Thank you for your time. THE MGMT.

    (BTW, I will own your soul)

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