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Our little Girl is all Grown Up

Posted by ppna on February 6, 2008

I thought some of you would like to know that one of our Daja Vu strippers, Erin Markey, has moved to NewYork City and started her own one woman show. Amongst other reviews she has ‘Puppy Love: A strippers tale’

Puppy Love: A Stripper’s Tail is an experimental solo musical, a depraved avant-cabaret-chronicle of locker-room romance. After being turned down for a furry position at Chuck E. Cheese, Bridget pursues stripping at Déjà vu Showgirls and Love Boutique in Ypsianti, MI. While learning the ropes, she falls for a big-eyed, precocious co-stripper. Come for the G-String. Stay for the torch songs, pole-dancing, and toxic amounts of Midwestern-backyard-barbecue-on-the-gril l-Dad-drag (link here — Contains Nudity)

Of course Erin is not just a stripper she is an entertainer. She is also appearing in The Sex Workers Art Show.

“The Show is an eye-popping evening of visual and performance art performed by people who work in the sex industry to dispell the myth that they are anything short of artists, innovators and geniuses.’ The SWAS will have a stop in Ann Arbor on February 20th in the UM Michigan League Ballroom.

Here is an article on the show.

This might be the best thing to happen to Ann Arbor since Bat Boy the Musical.

I noticed they had nothing scheduled on February 19th — I sure hope the Riverside Arts Center picks this up. Wouldn’t it be great for Erin to return to a stage right down the street from the birthplace of her story.

Keeping you informed as best I can,



2 Responses to “Our little Girl is all Grown Up”

  1. […] Sex Workers Art Show at the Michigan League — Read full blog-post here. […]

  2. G-string or thong is probably the earliest form of clothing known to mankind; having originated in the warmer climates of sub-Saharan Africa where clothing was first worn nearly 75,000 years ago.

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