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Washtenaw County Policing Authority

Posted by ppna on January 28, 2008

I’m sure many of you read the A2 news article on the Washtenaw County Policing Authority and like me, you probably had some questions.  The article said it would save millions but didn’t break down who would be saving the millions.   Don’t worry I’m here for you to get the answers and I’m happy there are people out there who have the answers to give.

Thanks to a fabulous source I have received the  Report on the Washtenaw County Policing Authority and below you will find the ‘Kurt Notes’ of the report.  As I always tell you — ‘Read the report for yourself ‘ I try to give an honest representation but sometimes I miss things or filter them incorrectly.Washtenaw County Police Authority Study


Ann Arbor Township

Augusta Township

Salem Township

Scio Township

Superior Township

York Township

City of Ypsilanti


Note: Lodi Township, Pittsfield Township, and Ypsilanti Township did not participate which leaves a gap between WCPA patrol areas to the South between the CIty of Ypsilanti and the townships of York and Augusta.

Townships have a population of 54,515 cover 494.5 miles of road with 24 officers and received 17,406 calls in 2006 at a cost of $3,510,000 or $201.65 per call

The city of Ypsilanti has a population of 21,746, covers 54 miles of road with 30 officers and received 19,921 calls in 2006 at a cost of $5,270,782 or $264.58 per call (Ypsilanti Police do more investigations than the hired Sherriff deputies in the townships).

The Report goes into great detail on how their modeling structure works and it certainly is an impressive model. The model suggests a need for 43 patrol officers and 15 other sworn officers (Chief =1, Captain=1, Lieutenant=3, Sergeant=6, Detective=3, Court Officer=1). The Police Authority would also need staff:( Property Control =1, Dispatcher=3, Records Clerk=3,Secretary=1)

In the Captial Budget section it reports “The City’s current assets have an approximate value of $4.1 million, including their police building. The police authority would purchase approximetely $1.7 million in assets from the City and purchase approximately $500,000 in new equipment for a total of $2.2 million). The PA would lease the Ypsilanti police building at $11/sq.ft or $143,000 a year.

The initial budget for the PA would be $7.2 million in expenses (82.4% wages and benefits) in 2008 and growing to $8.2million in 2012.

The Savings to all 7 communities combined would be $1.9million over current costs per year.

If each community was charged its share of the PA based on taxable value the city of Ypsilanti would save $4,836,212. The big loser would be Scio township because they would have to kick in an extra $1,728,365 with the other townships kicking in some too.

If each community was charged its share of the PA based on population the City of Ypsilanti would save $2,957,620 and once agains Scio would be the big loser.

If each community was charged its share of the PA based on Calls the City of Ypsilanti would save $1,248,801 dollars with Scio taking a modest hit of $174,668.

The Report continues with other cost splitting scenarios all work out great for Ypsilanti, OK or better for everyone except Scio township. The Report gives the savings if Scio, Augusta and Salem withdraw from the Association and in that scenario everyone makes out with the City of Ypsilanti saving $1,352,714 and if the City does not participate the townships don’t fare as well.

The Conclusion is that this will be a good arrangement for the municipalities. The City of Ypsilanti would save the most money and most townships would save some. The townships would benefit from having a more advanced police force that will provide more services than they are currently offered by the Washtenaw County Sheriff arrangement.

If you look at the report Read APPENDIX B — the property the PA would buy from the City, it’s nice to know what are police force has.


I will say that I was pretty impressed with this report.  I don’t know how much we paid for it but it looks like it will be worth it for the city.  A million dollars is a lot of money to save and it looks like our people would be rolled into jobs with the WCPA.  It appears that it will be a win/win for the city and most of the townships and a lose/win situation for some of the townships.   Sadly, we will have to sell our dog but I’m sure he’ll be plenty happy getting out of the city and chasing criminals in the country.


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