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December City Council Minute News

Posted by ppna on January 22, 2008

I’ll first suggest that everyone should attend city council meetings but if you can’t I’d suggest you read through the minutes of the meetings.   I know that Steve Pierce at YpsiNews had been recording and posting city council meetings on YouTube but that seems to have stopped. I imagine it was a ton of work and probably very few people tuned in but Steve needs to be thanked for his past efforts.

With all that said I’m going to make it easier with my summary of what I think are interesting points from the minutes of the 12-4-07 City Council meeting.

Get Ready folks we, the citizens of Ypsilanti, are getting one Heil RL 40/60 25 Cubic Yard Split Rear Load Body from Bell Equipment Company for the cost of $131,800 for the use of the DPW-Environmental Services Devision. I think this is a dump truck body but I’m not sure.

Water Street Update From City Manager Koryzno — Please Read Full entry for yourself Planning and Development staff have made contact with three developers regarding the Water Street property. He stated that the request for proposals would be posted next week and anticipates reponses will be submitted by the first week in January, which is the deadline. I wonder if they had any proposals?

I know at least one reader and 100 speeding UPS drivers will be happy to know that $395,000.00 was secured to reconstruct South Mansfield.


3 Responses to “December City Council Minute News”

  1. Paul Schreiber said

    More information is available in the city council packets (http://cityofypsilanti.com/bd_city-council/Council%20Meeting%20Packets). For example, page 53 of (http://cityofypsilanti.com/bd_city-council/Council%20Meeting%20Packets/2007%20Packets/12-04-07_council_packet) shows that the 131.8k$ purchase price for the Heil RL 40/60 25 Cubic Yard Split Rear Load Body for the recycling truck was much lower than the budgeted purchase price of 225k$.

    The request for proposals for a Water Street real estate developer was published on January 15. You can view it on the city’s main web page. This is not a request for proposals for developers. Instead, city council decided to hire a national real estate agent to find qualified developers for the entire Water Street site. Responses are due by February 12.

    Paul Schreiber

  2. ppna said

    Thanks Paul for the link to the packets. I’ll admit I am new to the City Website but there is a lot of stuff on it that interested citizens should look at. I will do my best to give you the ‘Kurt’s notes’ version but please follow the links and submit your own ideas.

    For the Record — I wasn’t knocking the fact that we bought the Heil RL 40/60 25 Cubic Yard Split Rear Load Body for the recycling truck. In fact, I love saying we have a Heil RL 40/60 25 Cubic Yard Split Rear Load Body and I can’t wait to see it on the street.

  3. archivedriveby said

    I would be happy to pay a few bucks to offset the cost in exchange for a ride in Heil RL 40/60 25 Cubic Yard Split Rear Load Body if that is possible…

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