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New Years Eve Jubilee ect.

Posted by ppna on December 28, 2007

2007/2008 New Years Eve Jubilee celebration in Ypsilanti will mark the 16th year for the event. In the past it has been a great way for families to get out of the house together on a night that is known more for its adult activities than for family fun. This year promises to be just as much fun although the number of acts and venues has declined.

For other New Years Eve Fun:
*please visit the venues for specific details — I’m only a messenger of what I hear and am not fact-checking.

Frenchies which is the overflow portion of Sidetrack Bar and Grill is having a 70s and 80s themed New Year Celebration. There is no cover charge for this event but you are asked to show up in 70s or 80s styles.

The Corner Brewery This New Year’s Eve Corner Brewery is throwing a Beer Bash that you will not want to miss!! There will be live music by the Third Coast Kings, and a special Rat Pad will be tapped just before midnight to toast the New Year with. Best of all your favoite beer is on Happy Hour til midnight. The festivities start at 8pm and go til 1am. No Cover.

The Elbow Room: New Years Eve – FREE SHOW! – Suburban Sprawl Music Presents: Elbow Room 1 Year of Andy, Drunken, No-Pants Anniversary Party – Friendly Foes w/ Pop Project, Child Bite and DJ sets by The Revolutionary Politics of a Dance Party till 4am

TCs Speakeasy — NEW YEAR’S EVE BASH! bands: THE DISREGARDED wsg/ Chill Will & guest TBA 18 and over welcome Cover is $5/ $10

I’m sure there are more things happening but this is what I’ve got.

Kurt A.


5 Responses to “New Years Eve Jubilee ect.”

  1. Jeff said

    This is something I’m sharing with family bloggers, as a suggestion, and a plea, to use the New Year to learn something fascinating with the kids. Help your kids safely navigate the Internet to learn why 2008 is being called “The Year of the Frog.” Like Kermit said, it’s hard being green, especially today. Amphibians face the worst mass extinction since the dinosaurs — but there is a sensible, very achievable way to stop it. Learn about it, with your kids, by visiting http://www.amphibianark.org, or my blog, http://www.frogmatters.wordpress.com. Zoos around the world are ringing in this special new year by having kids play the leapfrog game on New Year’s Eve. But still, on the Web sites I just mentioned, you can download a fun, New Year’s frog mask, see videos that explain it all, including one by Jeff Corwin, and learn a lot of fascinating things about amphibians. The main thing killing frogs isn’t what you’d suspect — it’s a fungus that broke out of Africa in the 1940s. Oh, and instead of banging pots and pans at midnight, go outside and play family leapfrog. Have fun. Hoppy New Year.

  2. ppna said

    When asked if the above comment were SPAM I would say yes but I left it as a comment because I thought it was a socially relevant SPAM. In the modern world the frogs are our canaries so click on the Spamer links and find out for yourself.

    Kurt A

  3. Didn’t mean it to come of as spam, but thank you for including it nonetheless! As you said, it’s a worthy issue.

  4. ppna said

    Hello, I heard from the Jeff from above so know I know it was not a SPAM comment. I plan on playing Leapfrog at midnight and I hope everyone else does too.

    Kurt A

  5. Jan said

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