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Police Dogs and Tasers

Posted by ppna on December 26, 2007

Last night I had a dream about getting tasered by the Ypsilanti Police Department because I asked them not to taser somebody else. I’m not sure what the dream meant but I don’t like the idea of Tasers. I was happy to read that our own Councilman Brian Robb had the proposal for the city to buy tasers tabled until the Police Chief presented a use policy to the council. The City Council will revisit the taser issue on January 17th when the Police Chief should have his proposal ready. Steve Pierce has posted a video of one of the informational seminars the Police Chief held to answer community questions. The close to $50,000 cost for the tasers is said to be coming from a $25,000 grant with the remainder paid out of the drug forfeiture fund.

Earlier this year the city police department used it’s drug forfeiture fund to purchase a police dog “Buky” (Pronounced Boo-key) so watch out bad guys the police are coming at you.


2 Responses to “Police Dogs and Tasers”

  1. […] by ppna on January 19, 2008 I told you before that the council was thinking about allowing the YPD to buy tasers and now the Ypsilanti Police […]

  2. […] the city and most of the townships and a lose/win situation for some of the townships.   Sadly, we will have to sell our dog but I’m sure he’ll be plenty happy getting out of the city and chasing criminals in the […]

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