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Make sure you visit the “Pages”

Posted by ppna on December 25, 2007

I just want to make sure that those of you that are reading this blog click on the ‘tabs.’ and read the pages. I’ve posted a pretty complete Ypsilanti Time-line and will continue to add items as I go through my notes.

I also want to remind you to keep up the blogs that are linked to in the ‘blogroll’ I’ll probably comment on things I find interesting in those blogs but don’t count on my judgment-look at them yourself.

Also keep in mind that you can find posts by category.

Kurt A.


One Response to “Make sure you visit the “Pages””

  1. Jesse Edwards said

    I looked up the information I have on the cannon shown for Ypsilanti and have the following:

    by act of Congress one unidentified cannon donated to G.A.R. Post #4. (unidentified or unspecified was often used in the statements concerning donations because all the notes were not read into the minutes – there were literally thousands of cannon donated in this manner).

    The cannon is a 10″ (300-Pdr) Parrott Rifle (named for its inventor and maker, Robert Parker Parrott) manufactured at West Point Foundry. In was manufactured in 1865 and inspected by William A. Marye (WAM)who inspected only two 10″ Parrotts. It was rifled with 15 grooves having a right-hand twist. It weighed 28,820 lb and has a foundry number of 497, the registry number is 19. 33 such rifles were manufactured and there are 13 known survivors, including two in Havana, Cuba.

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