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Cannon in Prospect Park

Posted by ppna on December 25, 2007

Prospect Park CannonSister Cannons at Ft McClary

The site History of Fort McClary states that this 10-inch Seacoast Parrott rifle was sent to Ypsilanti in 1892 from Fort McClary in Maine. I have the date of 1902 in my notes. I’m going to have to check with the Ypsilanti Historical Society to find out more information. I’ve lost my original notes on the Cannon but I believe I read it took a special act of Congress for us to get the Cannon but this was done because of Ypsilanti’s help in the Civil War. Don’t worry I’ll get the truth.

I received this email as a reponse to an inquiry to the canon/gun/rifle

Based on your photo, the gun was made in 1865 at either Watertown
Arsenal, Mass., or West Point Foundry, New York.  It's hard to tell
from the markings.  Serial number looks to be #1.  I'll have to ask
around for sure.  It was a 10-inch rifled gun (the rifling sleeve is
still visible in the throat).  Very powerful gun for the day.   I was
not aware of the gun numbers for the Parrott guns used in Kittery (I
assume it is the same gun that was once in Maine), and it's good to see
one of the guns still exists and wasn't caught up in the 1940s scrap
metal drives.  Give me a week or two to find my files and I'll get back
to you.  To answer one question, it was never fired in anger, only
practice shots (at least while it was used in Maine).

As a side note: In 1976 Mrs. Clarke’s 6th grade class from Adams Elementary buried a time capsule alongside the cannon. The capsule contained items donated by the class. What is in the capsule and exactly where it is is not known. We do know, from an Ypsilanti Press article from the time, that it is buried close to the cannon and about 3 or 4 feet down.


2 Responses to “Cannon in Prospect Park”

  1. Eric A. said

    As a participant in the burying of this time capsule, I can tell you that it is buried close enough to the cannon to be underneath the brick pavers, which would cause quite a disruption if it were to be dug up!

  2. I inspected this cannon while visiting the area in the 1990’s. I collect old cannons and don’t have this model yet. Here are some facts:

    This is a 10-inch (300 pounder) Parrott Rifle, pattern 1861. It was cast at West Point foundry in 1865. It is US Army registry number 19, inspected by William A. Marye and bears the foundry number 497, and weighs 26,820 pounds. Please let me know if you ever decide to sell it!

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