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Justus McKinstry — The Man behind ‘Pork Barrel Politics’

Posted by ppna on December 24, 2007

Justus McKinstryJustus McKinstry’s Grave
Ypsilanti was home to a lot of interesting people during their lives but there are also some people whose stay in Ypsilanti Came after their death Justus McKinstry is one of them. Justus McKinstry was U.S. Army Quartermaster at St. Louis during the short but lively Fremont era (July-November 1861), McKinstry was arrested by military authorities in November of 1861 and dismissed from the army by President Lincoln in January of 1863. It was said that McKinstry used his position as quartermaster to better his own situation with bribes and payoffs but history it seems has cleared him of these charges.

There is a lot of information on Justus McKinstry probably the best being the website civilwarstlouis.com which the following quote was taken ….. “And then there was the literal pork barrel. A letter from President Lincoln sweetly suggesting that a fellow Illinoisan was a fine fellow, a loyal Unionist, and that McKinstry should buy as much pork from him as he could. ”

Justus was such a character that there is a book, Rouge, dedicated to his military career.

Take some time and read up on Justus then visit him at Highland Cemetery.


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