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Archive for December 22nd, 2007

Bike Ypsi

Posted by ppna on December 22, 2007

I know its winter but its time to think of spring. The Group Bike Ypsi is already planning their Spring ride which is scheduled for Sunday May 4th. If you are interested in helping or to find out more about the group their next meeting is Monday, January 7th, 7:30pm at the Corner Brewery. They plan on discussing Route Planning and Info Booth Coordination for the Spring ride.

You can become their MySpace friend at http://www.myspace.com/bikeypsi.


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Biking During the Movie

Posted by ppna on December 22, 2007

Part of the purpose of this blog is to remind myself of all the great Mark Maynard ideas running around out there. In July Mark brought up the idea of having a movie night at Riverside Park. I loved the idea. Those of you who live in the neighborhood have probably noticed us projecting movies onto garages in the neighborhood, a tradition that will likely continue in full force next summer. The Park had special issues dealing with getting power for the movie and I suggested bicycle generators. Mark has once again brought up this subject and I hope some of us can help get this idea going.

I’m sure we could get a PPNA team to build the bike and do our part.

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Riverside Park Lights

Posted by ppna on December 22, 2007

Some things never change here in Ypsilanti. We are a town dealing with a severe budget deficit yet we still can’t seem to get our act together. About a month ago I attended a forum on proposed changes to Frog Island and Riverside Park. The event was a great forum for citizens to get involved with the renovations of our parks. Shortly after I attended the event I noticed the city was installing new lights at Riverside Park. This didn’t make sense to me but it is typical of our cities structure. Why did we spend $83.000 to replace lights that we are proposing to replace at some point in the future.

The other issue is with the city once again not listening to the citizens about the direction we want the city to head. As mentioned previously there is the Ypsilanti Solar Initiative of which many of our councilmen and Mayor have signed the pledge Part of the pledge is get Ypsilanti going forward and getting good press for its progressive thinking. Not so with the lights in the Park. Ann Arbor received international attention with its pledge to retrofit existing lights to LED lights. Ann Arbor predicted a 3.8 year payback on their initial investment. I can only imagine that payback would be much cheaper on an initial install instead of a retrofit. In the long run the LED lights are cheaper, use less energy, and require a lot less maintenance why don’t we use them?

It is really time for our City Council to start over seeing projects in our city. We can only survive if the people we have in charge of overseeing things open their eyes.

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Political Matchmaker

Posted by ppna on December 22, 2007

Fox 2 in Detroit put this nifty questionnaire together. You answer simple questions and it matches your views with the candidates. I don’t think you should make your decision on it but its interesting.

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Ypsilanti Solar

Posted by ppna on December 22, 2007

If you don’t know there is a group Sustainable Ypsi that is working to bring good things to the city. It’s a good blog to check out and their meetings sound interesting. One of the projects they are involved in is the Ypsilanti Solar Initiative. The hope is to have solar panels put on the South facing wall of City Hall. These panels would be functional and would serve as an advertisement that Ypsilanti is a city striving to do better instead of a stagnant city waiting to die. They are asking for $50.00 from each resident. The estimated project cost with be around $20.000. Click here to pledge your $50.00 and click here for detailed plans of the proposal.

There are a lot of opportunities to help the city, lets all do our part.

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