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Buy a Church

Posted by ppna on December 19, 2007

Don’t get distressed by your property tax bills anymore. It’s a great time to buy a church and start a service –TAX FREE

The PPN is surrounded by Churches and I’ve learned that two are now for sale. If times were better and the PPNA was stronger I’d suggest picking one of these buildings up as our own community center. Forget the times I’m suggesting it now.
Forest Avenue Babtist Church
At 218 East Forest we have Forest Avenue Baptist Church. This building is much larger than it seems but at $2,000,000 I think it’s a little out of our budget. The church says they are planning on moving South of Ypsilanti.

North River Church802 North River would be great. I’m not sure why a cinder block building is priced more than nice houses in the area but we’ll do what we have to do. It would be around $500.00 per household within the PPNA and then $100.00 a year for our own community meeting place. We’d easily make our money back with Fish Frys and Bingo. Just think how much fun Sunday mornings at the Church of the PPN would be.

There is one other local church for sale at 885 East Clark. There might be more but these were all found at ReligiousRealEstate.com


One Response to “Buy a Church”

  1. Jan said

    I think that the Fairlane Christian (Baptist) Church has been on the market for several years. It is on Packard across from the Ypsilanti High School. There had been a school there but it closed a few years ago.

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